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Roku's revamped sports hub makes it easier to watch live games

The new experience also helps you follow your favorite leagues.


The sheer variety of streaming services can make it difficult to know just where and how to tune into sports, but Roku thinks it can help. The company has debuted a revised sports "experience" that puts live and upcoming matches in one place. You can tune into a live NCAA football showdown, or see when your favorite NBA team plays next. While you can browse a carousel of apps, the emphasis is on the games — select a match and you'll know which service you need to tune in.

The new hub also includes zones specific to certain leagues and sports, and there are rows of free content if you're not ready to subscribe. The initial service roster includes Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, DirecTV, Fox Sports, FuboTV, Paramount+, Sling, TBS, TNT, truTV and The Roku Channel. More options are due in the "coming months," Roku says. You won't get heavyweights like ESPN+ as a result, but you will have access to at least some major leagues.

The addition doesn't come as a shock. Sports coverage increasingly serves as a hook for streaming platforms, with services like Apple TV+ and Prime Video even offering a handful of matchups for free. A central location might persuade you to stick with Roku hardware if you love live games, especially if you're used to the simplicity of watching sports on conventional TV.