Roku may soon begin selling its own smart home lighting and accessories

Roku lightstrips, smart plugs, security cams and more have suddenly appeared.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

Roku appears to be expanding into the smart home space with a smart bulbs, light strips and security cameras, according to a Reddit user and report from Zatz Not Funny. The products appear to white-labeled Wyze products, and it looks like Roku is working on a Smart Home channel and dedicated mobile app.

The images, apparently taken from Walmart's website, show Roku white and colored smart bulbs, a Roku lightstrip, Roku smart plug, Roku indoor and outdoor security cams, and a Roku panning cam. They look exactly the same as Wyze's Cam v3, Cam Pan V2, Bulb Color and other products.

Roku looks to be getting into smart home gadgets with Wyze's help

With the TV and smartphone apps, Roku could let users show and control camera feeds, bulbs, smart plugs etc. There's no sign of pricing, but Wyze products like the $34 Cam Pan V2 and $23 Wyze Bulb Color are relatively inexpensive compared to Nest or Philips, for example. However, Wyze was recently criticized for not addressing known camera security flaws in a timely manner, and suffered a December 2019 data breach that exposed the data of 2.4 million customers.

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