Roku's Streaming Stick 4K+ drops to an all-time low of $49 at Amazon

That's a $21 discount.


If you missed previous deals to get the Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ on Amazon at a discount, don't worry: The device is currently listed for the lowest price we've seen for it on the website. You can get the streaming stick for $49, which is 30 percent off its original retail price of $70. Roku's 4K+ stick comes bundled with the company's Voice Remote Pro that gives you the ability to do hands-free voice search and to issue verbal commands, such as "Hey Roku, where's my remote?" Asking that triggers the remote to play a sound, so you can find it even if it's lost in the depths of your couch. The rechargeable remote control alone is usually a $30 upgrade.

Buy Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ at Amazon - $49

The streaming stick that ships with the 4K+ bundle is the 2021 version of Roku's older 4K streaming device. Last year, Roku upgraded its 4K streaming stick with support for Dolby Vision HDR, giving it the capability to dynamically tweak the contrast and brightness levels for every individual frame in whatever it is you're watching. The stick also supports the HDR10+ format, which has the same ability as Dolby Vision HDR.

In addition to adding support for those formats, Roku also designed the 2021 version of the 4K streaming stick to boot up around 30 percent faster than its predecessor. The company also said that the newer stick's wireless receiver enables WiFi speeds that are twice as fast as before. Finally, the bundle gives you a couple of ways to watch movies or shows on your own without disturbing other people in your house. You can either plug in a pair of headphones into the remote's headphone jack or pair a wireless model with the Roku mobile app.

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