Roku is testing a remote with a built-in battery and customizable buttons

People in the company's Early Access Program have been using the device for the past couple of months.

Reddit user Kingtut206

It looks like Roku is working on a new remote that features a rechargeable Li-ion battery. In a Reddit post spotted by The Streamable (via Zats Not Funny), someone in the company’s Early Access Program shared an ad that details the Roku Voice Remote Pro. In addition to a rechargeable battery and a microphone for voice commands, the $30 accessory includes a feature for finding the device if it ever gets lost, an audio jack for private listening and customizable shortcuts. That last bit is particularly exciting since far too many remotes, including Roku's older ones, come with pre-defined shortcuts.

“We’re always working on bringing new products and features to Roku users, and part of that process is publicly testing new ideas with a small set of our customers,” a spokesperson for Roku told The Streamable when the website reached out to ask about the ad. The Reddit thread also includes comments from people who have had a chance to test the device. “It’s easily the best remote Roku has put out to date,” said Reddit user Gnascher. “It incorporates all the features of the other top-tier remotes while also adding “Hey Roku”-style voice control (that works really well in my experience) and a built-in battery.”

There’s no word yet on when (or if) Roku plans to release the Voice Remote Pro to the public. The February 19th 'release date' listed on the ad appears to have been only applicable to those in the Early Access Program.