Sabrent's 1TB Rocket Gen4 SSD is just $150 on Amazon today

And the portable Rocket Nano SSD is down to $128.


If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your desktop’s storage to a faster SSD, Sabrent has a great daily deal on Amazon today that can help you do that without breaking the bank. The company’s 1TB Rocket Gen4 PCIe SSD is down to $150, which is $50 off its normal price and a record low. If you’d rather an external (and portable) solution, Sabrent’s 1TB Rocket Nano SSD has dropped to $128 and that’s about $40 off its normal price. Both of these are daily deals so the prices will go back up at the end of the day.

Buy Sabrent Rocket Gen4 PCIe SSD at Amazon - $150 Buy Sabrent Rocket Nano SSD at Amazon - $128

The Rocket Gen4 PCIe SSD was already a solid bang-for-your-buck internal drive. You’d pay more per gigabyte of storage with most other competitors, so even the Rocket’s $200 standard price is a decent one. It has a standard M.2 2280 form factor so it should work in any Gen4 slot. Sabrent estimates up to 5,000 MB/s read speeds and up to 4,400 MB/s write speeds when this drive is paired with a Gen4 motherboard. That’s important to keep in mind before you buy because you’ll only get Gen3 speeds if your PC has a Gen3 motherboard. While aesthetics aren’t super important when it comes to internal components, it doesn’t hurt that the Rocket has a lovely design on top of being a fast, reliable and affordable storage solution.

As for the Rocket Nano, it’s better suited for those that care about versatility and portability. It comes with USB-C to C and a USB-C to A cables so you can use it with a variety of machines and its USB 3.2 interface allows for speeds up to 1,000 MB/s. It’s also smaller than a credit card and weighs only 1.6 ounces, making it one of the most pocket-friendly SSDs we’ve seen. This sale even makes it about $30 cheaper than one of our favorite portable drives, the Samsung T7.

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