Samsung adds an 83-inch set to its 'affordable' OLED TV lineup

This S90C is even larger than the highest-end OLED models.


Samsung widened its OLED TV range early this year, but it didn't include any sets larger than 77 inches — you still had to turn elsewhere if you wanted a bigger set. That won't be an issue after today. The company has introduced an 83-inch model to its relatively affordable S90C series. The 4K screen uses WOLED instead of the QD-OLED from smaller models, but it still supports 144Hz for PC content (120Hz for everything else), AI-powered HDR mapping, Dolby Atmos support, soundbar syncing and "lite" object tracking audio.

As with other S90C variants, you only miss a few features compared to the top-end S95C. You won't get the slightly better display, external connection box or almost-flush wall mounting, and you'll want the S95C if you insist on more advanced built-in speakers with full object tracking. In that sense, the S90C is a sweet-spot offering that delivers nearly all of the experience for considerably less money.

The 83-inch S90C will be available for $5,400, and you can sign up now to be alerted when it's in stock. That's significantly more than the 77-inch TV's normal $3,600 price. There's no S95C equivalent as we write this, though, so this is your only choice from Samsung if you want OLED's deep blacks and vivid picture while insisting on the largest display possible.

The catch, of course, is that Samsung doesn't exist in a vacuum. LG already has very large OLED sets, and this year's 83-inch C3 officially sells for $5,300. It includes Dolby Vision HDR support you won't find on Samsung TVs, for that matter. You'll want the S90C if you prefer Samsung's interface and specific feature bundle.

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