Samsung adds an entry-level series to its OLED TV range

The S85D line starts at $1,700 for a 55-inch model.


Samsung is expanding its OLED TV range with a new entry-level lineup. It's introducing the S85 series alongside several additional sizes of the S90D.

The S85D includes many of the same features as more premium models, such as the NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor, 4K AI Upscaling capabilities and Pantone Validated Colors. Dolby Atmos, the Samsung TV Plus ad-supported streaming service and Samsung Gaming Hub are also included.

Samsung says the S85D also has Motion Xcelerator technology, as well as a "bold look and feel" thanks to its contour design (though as you can see above, it just looks like a modern TV). Having four HDMI 2.1 ports with support for 4K, 120Hz inputs on each is a welcome touch. One key tradeoff is that the display has a maximum 120Hz refresh rate, compared with the 144Hz of the S90 line.

The S85D models start at $1,700 for a 55-inch TV. A 65-inch model will set you back $2,100, while the 77-inch variant will run you $3,400.

The S90D (which initially had the same three sizes as the S85 lineup) will soon have a less-expensive entry point, with a 42-inch model that costs $1,400. A new 48-inch unit costs $1,600, while Samsung has added a 83-inch S90D that'll run you $5,400.

Samsung is positioning the S90D line as one that's ideal for gamers as the TVs use Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ to help minimize lag. The displays also offer OLED HDR+ for extra brightness and contrast.

These two lineups nestle alongside the higher-end S95D series, which offer OLED Glare-Free and HDR Pro tech. That line starts at $2,600 for a 55-inch model, running up to $4,600 for a 77-inch TV.

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