Samsung's Galaxy Chromebook 2 looks like its predecessor in leaked image

Unlike the first Galaxy Chromebook, though, it's the same color all around.

Evan Blass

Samsung is apparently working on a follow-up to the Galaxy Chromebook it released earlier this year. And based on a photo leaked by Evan Blass (a.k.a. evleaks), it pretty much looks like its predecessor with some minor differences: Samsung has rearranged its ports a bit and made sure it’s the same color all around. If you take a look at our review of the Galaxy Chromebook 1, you’ll see that the old orange model had silver edges, whereas the new one has solid orange coloring.

If the upcoming Chromebook truly looks almost identical to the first, whether it’s worth the purchase or not depends on its specs and pricing. The first Galaxy Chromebook costs $999 and is one of the priciest options you can get if you’re shopping for a laptop powered by Google’s Chrome OS. There are plenty of decent Chromebooks out there that are around half the price or less — Google’s own Pixelbook Go will “only” set you back $650.

We’d also like to see upgrades that enable a much better battery life than its predecessor. In our review, we called the first Galaxy Chromebook’s battery life “unacceptable,” seeing as it failed to reach the four-hour mark multiple times when we used it for basic daily tasks. Its 4K display obviously consumes the most power, and it remains to be seen whether Samsung has found a solution for that issue.