Samsung adds performance throttling controls to the Galaxy S22

They're only available in South Korea for now.

Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Samsung doesn't seem to have wasted any time delivering its promised performance throttling update. XDA reports users on Samsung's Korean community forums are receiving an update for the Galaxy S22 series that adds a "Game Performance Management Mode" to Game Booster. The release should let users override throttling and wring more speed out of the flagship phones, at least so long as they're willing to accept reduced battery life and more heat.

We've asked Samsung for more details, including timing for the update in the US and other countries. It's also unclear if or when older Galaxy models will see updates. Releases like this won't necessarily take long, but they may be staggered by region and device.

Whether or not this fully addresses concerns is another matter. Users have accused Samsung of throttling non-game apps like Netflix and TikTok. Samsung has denied slowing those titles and pins any limitations on its Game Optimizing Service, but Galaxy phone owners might still be frustrated if they feel some of their apps are being held back.

As it stands, the update might be necessary for Samsung to regain some trust. Those same users criticized Samsung for throttling games while letting benchmarks run at full speed. That led Geekbench to delist four years of high-end Galaxy phones from its benchmark list over concerns the tests didn't represent real-world capabilities. The new software could help Samsung reclaim its place on that list and improve its standing among enthusiasts.