Samsung's big Galaxy Watch 4 update adds lots of new health and wellness features

The update will roll out on February 9th, the day of its next unpacked event.


On February 9th, the day of its next Unpacked event, Samsung is also rolling out an update that enhances some of the Galaxy Watch 4's and Watch 4 Classic's health and wellness features. While the watches have long been able to perform body composition scans, the update adds insights about those results powered by Chris Hemsworth's app Centr. Their partnership gives Watch 4 owners access to a 30-day free trial to the app, which typically only lasts for seven days.

Samsung is launching a new interval target feature for runners and cyclists that gives them a way to pre-set the duration and distance they want to cover or the number of sets for their workout, as well. After they input those details, Watch 4 will be able to create a custom training session for them that alternates high-intensity with low-intensity workouts.

Finally, Samsung is rolling out a new sleep coaching program with the update that will assign users with one of the eight sleep symbol animals representing their sleep type. The program determines their sleep animal by tracking their sleep pattern over seven days and asking them to complete two surveys. It will then guide them through a four-to-five week coaching program with missions, checklists and regular reports to help them improve their sleep quality. To help users get better sleep, going forward, Samsung will also automatically switch off SmartThings-enabled lights once Watch 4 determines that the user is asleep.

In addition to these health and wellness upgrades, the company is releasing new watch face colors, digital watch faces and band colors, including burgundy and cream. Samsung has also revealed that a future update will allow users to stream YouTube Music over WiFi or LTE on their Watch 4 and that Google Assistant will be available on the devices in the coming months.

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