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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 falls to $230 with a charger for Cyber Monday

The new sale brings all-time lows on several versions of our top Android smartwatch pick.

Cherlynn Low / Engadget

If you've already been looking to buy Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5, today looks like a good time to take the plunge. The Android smartwatch is now on sale from $230 at several retailers, and at Amazon you can get a 35W two-port wall charger included at no extra cost. That's about $40 below the usual price of a 40mm model. The sale applies to multiple finishes and configurations — a 40mm model with LTE is down to $260 with the wall charger, for instance, while the larger 44mm model is available for the same price.

Shop Galaxy Watch 5 sale at Amazon

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, a larger titanium variant with a more durable screen and bigger battery, is also on sale from $399, though that one includes a 15W wireless charger instead. All of these match the all-time lows we saw on Black Friday, but for Cyber Monday the chargers are available as a bonus. Amazon says this sale will run for today only.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is our pick for the best smartwatch for Android users, and we gave it a review score of 85 back in August. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, meanwhile, got an 86. The former isn't a major upgrade over its predecessor, and its battery life can take a hit if you set the display to always-on, but it still gets you a clean, water-resistant design, reliable activity monitoring and useful sleep tracking. If you don't use an iPhone and want a do-everything wearable, it's the way to go. The Galaxy 5 Pro puts the same perks in a more durable package, but you'll need to be sure your wrist can handle something bulkier.

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