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Samsung's Galaxy Watch 5 is on sale for $230 right now

The record low prices include deals for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Cherlynn Low/Engadget

This is a good time to buy a smartwatch as an early holiday gift, or to help track those increasingly chilly outdoor runs. Amazon is selling the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 at a new low of $230 for a 40mm Bluetooth model, or $50 below the official price. The LTE version has been similarly discounted to $280. And if you crave the titanium case, brighter display or larger battery of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, you can buy the discounted Bluetooth version for $400 or its LTE counterpart for $430.

Buy Galaxy Watch 5 at Amazon - $230

The Galaxy Watch 5 remains our smartwatch pick if you're an Android user. As we noted in our review, the regular model has a pleasingly minimalist yet gym-ready design with robust health and fitness tracking. Apart from a few legibility quirks, the Wear OS 3 interface is easy to use while offering a solid range of apps. The 5 Pro, meanwhile, is tougher and lasts longer on a charge — important if you're going on fall hikes.

Battery life can be short on the 40mm Galaxy Watch 5 with the always-on display enabled, and the Pro may be too bulky for thinner wrists. And like last year, Samsung's wristwear is a non-starter if you're an iPhone owner. If those aren't obstacles, though, the Watch 5 is easy to recommend over the Pixel Watch and similar competitors.

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