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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 pre-orders on Amazon include a $200 gift card

You can snap up a free $150 gift card for pre-ordering the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

Photo by Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Samsung has only just unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and the Galaxy Z Flip 5, but there are already deals to be had if you lock in a pre-order on Amazon. Those who pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will get a $200 Amazon gift card as well as a free storage upgrade from 256GB to 512GB. That should somewhat make up for the foldable's high base price of $1,800.

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Z Fold 5. If you pre-order the foldable on Amazon, you can get a free $200 Amazon Gift Card and a storage upgrade to 512GB.

$2,120 at Amazon

We've had some hands-on time with the Z Fold 5. There's a new hinge that all but eliminates the gap between the two halves of the screen and it reduces the device's overall thickness to 13.5mm. The Flex Hinge still has IPX8 water resistance, according to Samsung.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform chipset and it has 12GB of RAM. The 6.2-inch OLED cover screen and main 7.6-inch display both have 120Hz refresh rates. The camera array includes a 50MP main lens, a 12MP ultra-wide and a 10MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom.

So far, we feel that the Z Fold 5 has improved multitasking, but rivals such as Google and Oppo are catching up to Samsung on the foldables front. The high price doesn't help, but at least the Amazon pre-order deal takes the sting out of that a bit. The Z Fold 5 will ship on August 11th.

Meanwhile, you'll get a $150 Amazon gift card when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5. A free storage upgrade to 512GB can be all yours too. The Z Flip 5 starts at $1,000 and it will also be broadly available on August 11th.

Samsung's latest clamshell foldable has a 3.4-inch external screen, which is nearly four times the size of the one on the previous model. It also boasts a Flex Hinge to minimize the crease between the two halves of the 6.7-inch, 120Hz AMOLED main screen.

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