Samsung brings game streaming to its 2021 TVs

You can also stream games in 4K through GeForce Now.


You no longer need one of Samsung's latest TVs to try its game streaming features. The electronics giant will roll out cloud gaming to compatible 2021 TV sets starting next week. This includes all 2021 models, ranging from entry AU7000 series through to 8K flagships like the QN900. You can find the full list below this story. You should have access to streaming services by the end of 2022, Samsung says. There is a caveat: you'll need a Q70A, AU8000 or certain QN90A (98-inch) and Q60A (32-inch) models to get the full Gaming Hub, not just individual apps.

You'll also have easy access to 4K games. Samsung says GeForce Now will stream in 4K on 2022 and "select" 2021 TVs within a few weeks. You'll need the GeForce Now RTX 3080 subscription to get that higher resolution, but it may be worthwhile if you intend to use your TV as a substitute for a high-end gaming PC.

The company also hopes some gaming bonuses will encourage you to buy a new TV. A promo running until the end of the year will give you both a free Xbox controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate when you buy the QN85B, QN90B, QN95B, QN800B, QN850B, QN900B or S95B. You'll get just the three-month Game Pass freebie if you buy a Q60B or Q80B. We wouldn't buy a set solely with these extras in mind, but they could tip the balance if you already had cloud games in mind.

The range of services is expanding at the same time, however slightly. Antstream Arcade's collection of roughly 1,500 classic games will be available to stream in 2023, as will Blacknut's over 500 family-friendly titles. They probably won't be as appealing as major services like Game Pass, GeForce Now and Amazon's Luna. However, they might do the trick if you're nostalgic or looking for kid-safe alternatives.

  • AU7000

  • AU8000

  • AU9000

  • Q50

  • Q60

  • Q70

  • Q95

  • QN700

  • QN800

  • QN850

  • QN900

  • LS03A

  • WS1A

Update 11/16 1:22PM ET: Samsung will roll out cloud gaming services to 2021 models starting next week, not today, as previously noted.