Samsung intros a new interface at CES 2024 that turns its TVs into smart home control hubs

Use your TV remote control to ping your phone and view your home camera feeds.


If your home is filled with Samsung and SmartThings-compatible products, an upcoming feature might simplify your life. At its CES 2024 press conference here in Las Vegas, the company unveiled a new service called Now+ that incorporates smart home controls into the TV's interface. With this, not only can you see and control your light switches or air conditioners from your television, but also use your phone as a remote control. The company also unveiled a feature called Daily+, which is customizable and will tap all the info Samsung and Bixby have on you via your SmartThings devices to make it easier to get to relevant apps.

According to Samsung, this will allow TVs to detect smartphones that are within range and use them as remotes. A new SmartThings TV Quick Panel will slide in to show "core functions," so you can manage devices, view cameras and, say, ping your phone "without compromising content viewing." The company also described a feature where your TV will turn on as you approach it and show "critical information about your devices and appliances." The platform can also display "your home’s camera feed, temperature, and remaining time in your laundry cycle," if you have all the relevant compatible appliances.

Details were scarce on when these features can be expected, what TVs and devices are compatible and whether you'll need to be using Samsung smartphones if you want the remote control feature. It's worth noting that SmartThings is compatible with the Matter standard, so quite a large array of connected appliances should work with it.

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