Samsung is putting NFTs in its smart TVs

Your bored ape can now live in your TV.


Given that 2021 was a blockbuster year for NFTs, it’s not particularly surprising that major tech companies are incorporating Non-Fungible Tokens into their CES lineup. The latest comes from Samsung, which revealed a new “NFT Aggregation Platform” designed for its smart TVs.

The platform, which will be available on Samsung’s MicroLed, Neo QLED and The Frame models, allows users to browse and buy NFTs directly from their sets. The platform pulls in NFTs from several marketplaces, so users can preview the art and see other relevant details, like who created the work, as well as relevant blockchain metadata.

Those who already own NFTs can also use the platform to showcase their collection. Samsung notes that its “Smart Calibration” technology can automatically adjust the TV’s settings to match the specifications of the original creator to ensure the image is rendered on the TV as faithfully as possible.

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