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Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 drops to a new low of $350

That's about $155 below the monitor/smart TV hybrid's typical street price.


Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 is one of the more versatile monitors you can buy: More than simply being a display for your computer, it can also function as a sort of tuner-less smart TV and smart home hub. We've seen the device go on sale a handful of times since it arrived last year, but right now the 32-inch display is available for $350 at Amazon, which marks a new all-time low. That beats the previous low by $50 and comes in about $155 below this SKU's average street price in recent months. The discount only appears to apply to the monitor's white finish, however.

This is the lowest price we've seen for Samsung's 4K monitor and smart TV hybrid.
$350 at Amazon

As a computer display, the Smart Monitor M8 is decent, but not perfect. It uses a VA panel, so it should deliver solid contrast with deep blacks. It can also get bright enough, reaching up to about 400 nits. Its viewing angles won't be as wide as you'd get from a good IPS screen, however, and its basic 60Hz refresh rate isn't ideal for gaming. It also lacks local dimming for improving that contrast further. The built-in stand isn't especially adjustable, and connection-wise, you only get 2 USB-C ports and a micro-HDMI port. That said, the overall design has a clean, Apple-esque aesthetic, and the panel should look particularly nice in a darker room.

The main appeal of the Smart Monitor M8 is that extra functionality. Samsung's Tizen platform doesn't have the cleanest UI, but here it allows you to stream apps like Netflix, HBO Max, YouTube and the like even when the monitor isn't connected to a PC. A remote is included for navigating the OS, and you can beam content directly from an iPhone via AirPlay. The device can also serve as a SmartThings hub, letting you control a range of smart home gear. There are two built-in speakers, and Samsung includes a detachable webcam in the box — those don't perform particularly great, but they should work in a pinch.

You should specifically want the Smart Monitor M8's TV features before you take the plunge, but if so, this deal should provide decent value for an all-in-one display. And if you'd like this idea in a smaller size, note that Samsung recently announced a 27-inch version of the Smart Monitor M8 as well.

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