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Samsung SSDs and memory cards are over 60 percent off at Amazon

The sale includes big deals for high-end storage.


Now is a good moment to expand the storage for your PC — or console, or phone. Amazon is running a sale on Samsung SSDs and memory cards, with discounts as steep as 63 percent off. High-end models are particularly good values. The 2TB version of the 980 Pro SSD is down to just $180 (53 percent off), making it a solid bargain for a PC drive or console drive. You can get a 256GB Evo Select microSD card for $20 (52 percent off) to upgrade your mobile device, while the 256GB Pro Endurance microSD card is down to $30 (45 percent off) if you need long-lasting memory for your dash or security cameras.

Samsung's highest-capacity 980 Pro SSD is now an affordable upgrade for your PC or console.
$180 at Amazon

The 980 Pro is one of our top picks for a PlayStation 5 SSD upgrade, and for good reasons. It's a fast PCIe Gen4 NVMe drive with read speeds up to 7,000MB/s, but it also has a reputation for reliability. You can slip this into your PS5 or PC knowing that it should be useful for the practical lifespan of your system. At $180, the 2TB variant is a better deal than its (similarly discounted) 1TB and 500GB counterparts. You only have to pay a relatively small premium to get ample headroom for more games, apps and media files.

The microSD cards, meanwhile, are easy picks if you need more space while you're on the move. The Evo Select is well-suited to expandable Android phones and tablets, as well as all models of the Nintendo Switch. Spring for the Pro Endurance, meanwhile, and you'll get a card that can record video around the clock for up to 16 years. You might replace your camera before you need new memory.

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