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Samsung's rugged T7 Shield SSD is back on sale for $100

The 1TB drive can take a thrashing.


Don't fret if you've been looking for an external SSD that can handle a few knocks. Amazon once again has the 1TB Samsung T7 Shield on sale for $100, well below its official $160 price. The 2TB version has also dropped to $200 (normally $280). The savings apply regardless of color, so you can buy a beige drive if black or blue seems too pedestrian.

Buy Samsung T7 Shield at Amazon - $100

The hook, as before, is the durable design. The T7 Shield can survive up to a 9.8-foot drop, and the IP65-rated chassis can resist dust and water while offering a rubberized grip to stay in your hands. Simply put, this is a solid drive for field photographers or anyone worried their data might not survive life on the road.

The USB-C drive doesn't offer stunning performance with sequential read and write speeds of 1,050MB/s and 1,000MB/s respectively. This is more for everyday backups and extended storage than demanding creators who need every last ounce of throughput. The T7 Shield is still much faster than a conventional spinning hard disk, though, and the peace of mind from the hardened design could be worth any tradeoffs.

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