Samsung's 2023 8K Mini LED TV starts at $5,000

The Neo QLED 4K line begins at a more reasonable $1,200.


Samsung has started shipping its 2023 Neo QLED TV line, and it won't surprise you to hear that you'll pay a premium for its ultimate models. The company's 8K, Mini LED-based QN900C (shown above) starts at $5,000 for a 65-inch set, while a 75-inch variant costs $6,300. The 85-inch version has yet to be priced. If you value 8K but don't need the full feature set, the QN800C begins at $3,500 for a 65-inch screen and tops out at $6,000 for an 85-inch panel. The 75-inch edition also hasn't received pricing.

You're more likely looking at a 4K TV, and you'll be glad to hear those are considerably more affordable. At the high end, the QN95C ranges from $3,300 for a 65-inch display to $5,800 for an 85-inch beast. The lowest-priced sets are in the mid-tier QN90C series, however — that starts at $1,200 for a compact 43-inch design, with five other sizes that culminate in a $4,800 85-inch set. If you're looking for (relative) value for money, the QN85C is available for $1,500 in 55-inch form and climbs to $3,800 for the QN85C. Samsung hasn't yet shared details of the 4K-capable QN935C, which offers thinner bezels and top-firing speakers that enable Dolby Atmos without external speakers.

All 2023 Neo QLED TVs fit better into your smart home. They include both Matter Thread and SmartThings-friendly Zigbee hubs that coordinate compatible devices.

The QN900C's hook isn't just its 8K resolution. It's extremely bright at 4,000 nits, and it boasts improved contrast as well as HDR "remastering" for older content. All the QN-series TVs boast Mini LED as well, although they're poised to be iterative upgrades compared to their 2022 counterparts. Like last year, the standout is arguably the OLED model — the S95C is your pick if you demand perfect black levels and minimal lag.

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