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Samsung's 32-inch smart monitor is $300 off right now

This ties a record-low price for the display.


Samsung’s 32-inch M80C smart monitor is on sale for $400, down from $700. This $300 discount represents a savings of 43 percent and ties the lowest price ever recorded for the display.

This ties a record-low price for the display. 

$400 at Amazon

The M80C is both a regular 4K computer monitor and a standalone streaming box, with native support for apps like Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+, among others. It also provides access to Samsung’s proprietary TV Plus service, with its selection of free live and on-demand programming.

Samsung’s monitor integrates with some of the biggest on-demand gaming platforms, including Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now. The 60Hz refresh rate won’t break any speed records, but should allow for fairly smooth gameplay.

Beyond entertainment, the M80C offers some built-in productivity tools. There’s standalone access to Microsoft Office 365 and a tool that remotely connects to a PC or a Samsung mobile device, with no cables required. The integrated camera can even handle work meetings and the like. The line between computer monitor and entry-level PC continues to blur.

All of the above features can be controlled via the included remote or by using Alexa-assisted voice commands. This deal is for the white model and is available from both Amazon and Samsung.

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