Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 models are up to 38 percent off

That matches an all-time low, and this time the LTE version is on sale as well.


Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 is the best non-Apple smartwatch you can buy, but at upwards of $400, it costs as much or more than Apple's Watch. Now, you can pick up both the Bluetooth and LTE versions with $150 discounts at Amazon, Best Buy and Samsung — close to the lowest prices we've seen. Its starts at $250 for the 41mm Bluetooth Watch 3 in gold or silver colors, or $300 for the LTE version (also in silver or gold). And if you need a bigger watch, the 45mm version is $280 and $330 for the Bluetooth and LTE models, respectively.

Buy Galaxy Watch 3 at Amazon - starting at $250 Buy Galaxy Watch 3 at Best Buy - starting at $250 Buy Galaxy Watch 3 at Samsung - starting at $250

The Galaxy Watch 3 is noticeably thinner and lighter than its predecessor, as we noted in our Engadget review, though it's still fairly chunky compared to an Apple Watch. The rotating bezel has a nice feel and offers convenient access to a number of functions, while Samsung's Tizen user interface is quite intuitive.

It's loaded with features, as well, including fall-detection, a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG), a heart-rate monitor, accelerometer and more. Those can help track your sleep, telling you how much time you spend in REM and other slumber stages. It also offers improved activity tracking, a new running coach feature and clever activity suggestions.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is a good option if you're torn between an activity tracker and smartwatch, as it does both of those functions well. The fact that it's on sale on three sites should make it fairly easy to pick up — just be aware that Samsung's most prominent pricing requires the trade-in of a phone, tablet or watch. If you don't have one of those, select the "no trade-in" option to get the true price.

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