Samsung’s card-sized T7 SSD goes on sale starting at $110

The 2TB version will set you back $370.


Want a business card-sized SSD, but don’t have the cash or need for fingerprint security? Samsung has you covered. Following its reveal at CES (gosh, that feels so long ago), the T7 SSD is now available to purchase. The drive can be picked up for $110 (500GB), $200 (1TB) or $370 (2TB), which is a fair bit cheaper than its fingerprint sensor-touting sibling. You also get to pick between three colors --Metallic Red, Indigo Blue and Titan Grey -- and whether your receipt comes from Samsung’s website or Best Buy.

The drive comes packaged with a USB Type-C to C and a USB Type-C to A cable, so you can use it to store photos, videos and other data from computers, phones and even consoles. It has a transfer speed of 1,050MB/s, and according to Samsung, that’s fast enough to move a 10GB 4K UHD video in just over eight seconds or 200 photos of 10MB each in just a little over two seconds. That makes it faster than Samsung’s T5 SSD, which is still considered one of the best portable SSDs that money can buy.

Update 05/19/20 10:55AM ET: The original post referenced the T7 Touch SSD, rather than the T7 SSD. We regret this error and have updated the copy accordingly.

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