Samsung's T7 portable SSD in 1TB is cheaper than ever right now

An early Black Friday sale knocks $40 off the tiny drive.


If you're looking for a useful tech stocking stuffer for a loved one, Samsung's T7 series of portable SSDs is a good option. We've been fans of these palm-sized drives for a while thanks to their compact designs and fast speeds, but they do come at a premium price. But now you can get the 1TB Samsung T7 drive for $130, which is $40 off and the best price we've seen. And for those that need as much extra storage as possible, the 2TB version is also on sale for $250, or $80 off its normal price.

Buy Samsung T7 (1TB) at Amazon - $130 Buy Samsung T7 (2TB) at Amazon - $250

The T7 and its fingerprint reader-toting counterpart, the T7 Touch, are essentially the same drive aside from the latter's added security feature. Both have compact, shock-resistant bodies that are small enough to fit into nearly any bag or backpack, and they're strong enough to withstand drops from up to six feet. The T7 also uses ePCM technology and Dynamic Thermal Guard to control heat levels, so even when you're pushing it to its limits, it should not overheat. As far as performance goes, the T7 supports reads speeds up to 1,050 MB/s and write speeds up to 1,000 MB/s.

And just because the T7 doesn't have a fingerprint reader doesn't mean you can't protect your files from prying eyes. It has optional password protection, so only those who know the password can even check out the files saved on the device. And since it comes with both USB-C to C and USB-C to A cables, you can use it with most devices you'll have around your home, including tablets and some game consoles.

Samsung's T7 only goes up to 2TB, but you're in luck if you want even more storage in a similar package. SanDisk's Extreme portable SSD in 4TB is on sale right now, too, for $500 — that's $200 off and the best price we've seen. This drive has similar read and write speeds as the Samsung T7, and it has a water and dust-resistant design, optional password protection and 256‐bit AES hardware encryption.

Buy SanDisk Extreme (4TB) at Amazon - $500

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