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Save over $100 on the 10th-gen iPad with two years of AppleCare+

That totals $409 for the tablet and the coverage plan.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Apple’s 10th-gen iPad is on sale via Amazon as part of a bundle that includes two years of AppleCare+ warranty coverage. The discount brings the price of the 64GB model down to $409 from $518, which is a savings of more than $100. Apple sells the basic iPad for $449, so it’s like getting two years of warranty coverage for free, plus a little bit of walking around money.

If the 64GB model doesn’t do anything for you, the sale extends to just about every SKU available for Apple’s entry-level tablet. You have your pick of multiple 256GB models and a range of tablets with cellular connectivity. All of the discounts are in the $110 range, just like with the 64GB model.

The bundle includes one Apple tablet and two years of warranty coverage. 

$409 at Amazon

As for the tablet itself, the iPad doesn’t exactly need an introduction. This is considered the most “basic” of Apple’s tablet lineup, but it’s still a fantastic choice for streaming content, checking on the dumpster fire that is social media, playing games and doing all kinds of other stuff. This is the 10th-gen version, so you get some features that were formerly reserved for its higher-priced cousins. There’s USB-C, a large display with thin bezels and a front-facing camera on the landscape edge.

This tablet is powered by Apple’s A14 Bionic chip, which is surprisingly speedy, considering it's not one of the newer M-class chips. The battery life is solid, lasting anywhere from ten to 12 hours per charge, depending on what you’re using it for. Otherwise, it’s an iPad. You know what to expect.

Of course, this isn’t a perfect tablet. It doesn't come with any accessories, like the Apple Pencil, and the display isn't the sharpest on the block. It’s also usually on the expensive side, given the internal specifications, but this discount assuages that a bit. The other major caveat is that new iPad models are expected later this year, but this one is still plenty capable.

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