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Season 3 of ‘For All Mankind’ is coming to Apple TV+ on June 10th

The new season takes place on the Red Planet.
A still image from the Apple TV+ series 'For All Mankind' season 3 showing six suited-up astronauts standing on the edge of a Martian cliff overlooking vast orange plains.
Apple TV+
Amrita Khalid
Amrita Khalid|@askhalid|April 11, 2022 9:06 PM

The alt-history space race drama For All Mankind is headed to Mars for its third season. Apple unveiled a trailer today for the upcoming season, set to debut on June 10th. While the second season depicted a turf war on the moon between the US and the Soviets set in the eighties, the newest season fast-forwards to 1995. The US is vying to be the first country on Earth to colonize Mars.

Fans of the show can expect to see a mix of familiar faces and new ones. Last season's finale depicted the untimely demise of Gordo Stevens (Michael Dorman) and Tracy Stevens (Sarah Jones). Sonya Walger is returning as Molly Cobb, despite being exposed to (at least what seemed) like a fatal dose of radiation during her walk on the Moon. Returning cast members include Joel Kinnaman (Ed Baldin), Shantel VanSanten (Karen Baldwin), Jodi Balfour (Ellen Wilson) and Cynthy Wu (Kelly Baldwin). Also due back are Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales and Casey W. Johnson as Danny Stevens.

You can watch the new (albeit, frustratingly brief) teaser below.

Season 3 of ‘For All Mankind’ is coming to Apple TV+ on June 10th