Sega's Genesis Mini 2 hits North America on October 27th

It looks like you'll get a six-button controller this time.


Sega has announced it's bringing the Genesis Mini 2 to North America on October 27th. The company previously said its latest retro console will go on sale in Japan on the same day (though it's called the Mega Drive Mini 2 there).

The system follows the Genesis Mini, which Sega released in 2019. The latest edition has a fresh library of more than 50 games, including Sega CD titles. The lineup features the likes of Sonic CD, Virtua Racing, OutRun, Shining Force CD and Fantasy Zone (a Master System and arcade game that was never released on Genesis). Sega is promising a previously unreleased game as well. More than half of the games have yet to be revealed.

One of our few complaints with the Genesis Mini in our review was that it came with a three-button controller. If the packaging is anything to go by, it seems you'll get a six-button controller this time around.

Pre-orders are open now. The Genesis Mini 2 is only available from Amazon, and it costs $103.80 plus a $22 delivery fee in the US. The console will be shipped over from Japan.

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