Segway's ES2 electric scooter is nearly 50 percent off at Amazon

It's the best sale we've ever seen on this model.


Update 12:22pm ET: It appears the additional $90 coupon is no longer available on Amazon. However, the Segway ES2 scooter remains on sale for $399, which is roughly 32 percent off its normal price. We’ll update this post accordingly if the coupon returns.

If you’re looking for a fun and convenient way to travel short distances, an electric scooter can do the trick. Most can be pretty expensive, but one of Segway’s scooters is deeply discounted right now. Amazon has the Segway Ninebot ES2 electric scooter for $309, which is roughly 47 percent off and the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. Normally priced at $589, the scooter is actually on sale for $399 but you can clip a coupon on the product page for an additional $90 off (make sure to do so before you checkout so you get the full sale price).

Buy Segway ES2 at Amazon - $309

The previous low for this scooter was $469, so this is an excellent deal. It’s unclear how long the additional $90 coupon will be available, but it remains a good deal even if you only get it for the $399 sale price.

Electric scooters aren’t for everyone — they’re certainly not going to replace a car, and some will probably be more comfortable riding a bike. But they can be handy transportation devices for those who live in big cities, dense suburbs or even college campuses. If most of the places you go regularly are within a couple miles of each other, an electric scooter can make your trips quicker and a bit more exciting. Segway’s ES2 can travel at a maximum speed of 15.5mph and it uses a combination of electrical and mechanical brakes so the rider has a bit more control than they would with a scooter that relies solely on one braking mechanism.

The ES2 battery charges up in 3.5 hours and it uses smart battery technology to monitor the cells for safety and efficiency. The ES2 also has its own mobile app that you can use to monitor travel stats, cruise control and the scooter’s lock. Like other electric scooters, the ES2 is a bit on the heavy side (27.6 pounds) so you’ll want to actually use it when traveling from place to place instead of carrying it. However, it does fold down with one touch into a more compact shape, which will make it a tad easier when you need to store it or fit it in your trunk when you want to take it with you on a trip.

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