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Shark's self-emptying robot vacuum with a 30-day capacity base is 45 percent off

It's down to $300 from $550.


If you've been looking at Shark's self-emptying robot vacuums, now's your chance to get one for almost half the price. The Shark AV2501S model, which comes with a base that has a 30-day capacity, is currently 45 percent off at Amazon: It usually sells for $550, but you can get it right now for $300. That's only a dollar off its all-time low from Black Friday last year. Shark's AV2501S is a cheaper version of the AV2501AE model that comes with a base that can hold 60 days' worth of dirt.

The Shark AV2501S Robot Vacuum with a 30-day capacity base is 45 percent off.

$300 at Amazon

The vacuum uses 360-degree LiDAR vision to accurately map your home and be able to effectively clean it while avoiding objects in its path. It can even adapt to the changes that happen in your house, which are most likely plentiful if you spend any amount of time in it. Once it has a layout of the floor, the vacuum cleans it in a precise matrix grid and takes multiple passes to ensure that it sucks up all the dust, pet hair, dander and debris that it can.

This particular model can clean for two full hours before it needs to return to its dock and recharge. It has the capability to pick up from where it left off once it's done charging, and it can automatically empty the dirt it collected into its base, which you only have to empty once a month. In addition, the vacuum supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to set cleaning schedules and initiate on-demand cleaning simply by issuing voice commands. Of course, you can also do those via Shark's mobile app, which we found easy to use when we tested it out.

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