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Shift is a power browser designed for how you actually use the internet

We’ve integrated every part of our lives with the internet. But as our personal and professional responsibilities increasingly demand our attention online, it’s become easy to get lost in a sea of tabs. To make it worse, many of the pages we’re managing throughout the day are tied to specific accounts or profiles—a struggle all too familiar for anyone juggling multiple emails.

The average web browser isn’t helping the problem, either. Being able to pin a tab only does so much when you’ve got dozens open. It’s chaos, and it takes a frustrating amount of brainpower to sort through the mess day after day.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Shift is a browser created for how people actually use the internet, setting a new standard for organization by consolidating all your apps, accounts, emails, tabs, extensions, and more under one viewport. “We live a lot of lives online, and Shift helps us categorize and customize our experiences depending on the hat they’re wearing at the moment,” says VP of Product and Customer Success, Michael Foucher. That’s right—no more switching back and forth between multiple windows and tabs struggling to remember which is for what.

Shift categorizes your profiles in the left sidebar of the browser window. These accounts can be tied to Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365, whether it's personal, work, or lifestyle-related, you can organize your profiles and choose from over 1500 web apps that you can integrate with each profile based on your own unique usage. “With Shift, we created a mapping that is easy for people to pay attention to,” says Foucher. “We’re lowering the cognitive load required to enable what you’re doing online.”


Unlike traditional browsers, all these features can be managed in one seamless location. Rather than managing multiple windows for multiple accounts to try and find the right bookmark or stay on top of a workstream, Shift lets you get that information in the easiest way you choose. “Shift works with all my apps and takes care of 99% of my communication needs.” says Kevin Hayes, avid Shift user and Head of Growth at Conway Consulting. “I can jump between all my platforms and services without relying on a mess of tabs to try and find what's going on.”

Shift has features like Workspaces and Epic Search to help further define and manage users' digital lives. Workspaces lets you designate specific apps, tabs, and bookmarks you want to see, so you don’t have to get hindered by work emails while planning a family vacation. With Epic Search, you can use the search bar to find what you’re looking for across all the accounts you attached to the browser, ensuring nothing is lost to forgetfulness ever again.

The Workspaces feature is a particularly powerful tool for empowering user’s organization. Having the ability to silo information in the way you need helps focus your attention on what’s important at the moment. “If you have different verticals of your business that you need to switch between, Workspaces are perfect,” says Akshay Kumar Mehta, head of product and operations at Mehta Media.

Shift create workspace

Shift is calming the chaos that lives inside our browsers and minds, giving people a better way to organize while on the web. And unlike many other options sprouting up in the market today, it’s intuitive, so you don’t need a manual to get started. The app-integrated power browser reflects the real experiences of using the internet today, and nobody else is trying to do that.

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