Skating/murder sim Rollerdrome is coming to Xbox Game Pass

It'll be released on November 28.


Skating video games are always a good time, especially when paired with high-octane action and violence. Rollerdrome is no exception, allowing players to complete death-defying roller-skating tricks and death-inducing headshots all at the same time. The game’s been an absolute hit since originally releasing for PS4, PS5 and Steam back in August of last year. Now, it’s coming to Xbox as a day one Game Pass title.

Rollerdrome releases for Xbox Series X/S via Game Pass on November 28. It’s also launching as a standalone Windows PC title, which will be available for purchase on the Microsoft Store for $30. As previously mentioned, it’s already playable on PC via Steam, but additional purchase options are never a bad thing.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, here's a quick primer. Rollerdrome was developed by Roll7, the same team behind the uber-popular skateboarding sim OlliOlli World. The game has all of the tricks and speedy movement you’d expect from a roller-skating simulation, but with a heavy emphasis on action. We called the game “endlessly replayable" and gave it a spot on our list of the best video games of 2022, emphasizing the challenge mode and online leaderboards. We also liked the dystopian vibes, making gameplay resemble the 1970s cult classic dystopian film Rollerball. This was likely intentional on the part of the developers.

The graphics on this third-person skater/shooter are also on-point, with bright, comic-book style visuals. There are plenty of environments to skate through, like an abandoned mall and a desert canyon. Each play area is littered with ramps, gaps and breakable windows, all of which can be leveraged for tricks. There’s also plenty of baddies to murder with weapons ranging from shotguns to grenade launchers.

This is a busy November for Game Pass. In addition to Rollerdrome, the subscription service gets the Yakuza-adjacent Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name on November 9, along with the creature-hunting sim Wild Hearts. The Stardew-alike life sim Spirittea releases on November 13 with another farming sim, Coral Island, coming on November 14.