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Microsoft is putting Skype's seamless 'Meet Now' calls in the taskbar

One click of a notification to set up Skype calls that work without an install or login.

In the pandemic, video calling has exploded but one of the original names in the space has been slow to capitalize. While Zoom is now a household name, Skype is not seeing the same bump in reputation and use. Microsoft’s internet calling service tried to rectify that earlier this year by activating Meet Now, a Zoom-like feature that lets hosts set up and share a free meeting with just three clicks — no one has to install anything or sign up for an account.

Now, in the new Windows 10 beta, Microsoft says it will soon begin testing Meet Now in the taskbar. Just click the button in the notification area and you’ll be able to set up a call and contact people. It’s unclear whether or not this icon will pop up only for people who normally see Skype already, or if it will be another nag button for us to disable, but testers will be able to try it “in the coming weeks.”