Slack adds a gender pronoun option to profiles

The dedicated gender pronouns profile field is now a default feature.

AntonioGuillem via Getty Images

Slack is making it easier for companies to have a more inclusive virtual workplace: It has officially launched a dedicated field for gender pronouns, so you can display them on your profile. The business messaging platform has announced the new feature on Twitter, explaining that administrators can enable the profile field in their Workspace settings. Companies have long been able to create customized fields for their workers, but this update makes gender pronouns a default feature that only needs to be switched on.

In the past, you would've had to be creative with your work descriptions if you want to display your pronouns. Now, your colleagues will be able to see them under their own category. To add your pronouns, simply click/tap on your photo, click Edit Profile and scroll down until you see the field.

This is the latest feature the messaging service has rolled out since Salesforce acquired it for $27.7 billion last year. Back in March, the service launched the long-awaited Slack Connect feature that'll give you a way to direct message anyone, even those outside your work bubble. It allows you to send an invite to a friend or a client from external organizations, and up to 20 companies can talk together.