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Sling TV subscriptions are half price for your first month

One of our favorite live TV streaming services is just $20 to start.

Sling TV

A promotion at Sling TV is taking 50 percent off your first month of service. Sling divides its offerings in two: Sling Blue and Sling Orange, with different channels in each package. Those go usually for $40 per month separately or $55 monthly combined, but are now down to $20 and $27.50 after the discount. Unlike a cable subscription, you can cancel whenever you'd like with no penalty. Sling TV is one of the many ways to watch live TV channels, including sports and news stations, without having the commitment or higher price of cable. We named it a top pick in our live TV streaming guide.

Get the first month of your Sling TV subscription for half price.

$28 at Sling TV

Sling TV is our recommendation for the most customizable live TV streaming service, letting you get just the channels you want without paying for too many you won't watch. Sling Orange includes six exclusive channels like the ESPN stations and the Disney Channel, while Sling Blue gives you 14 exclusive channels including FS1, MSNBC and Fox News. Both options come with 24 other channels such as CNN, BET and TNT. In addition to the two packages, you can choose from a number of add-on bundles that go for between $6 and $11 per month. Those include blocks of sports, kid-friendly fare, lifestyle channels and news packs. Premium extras include Starz, Showtime and Acorn which will add $2 to $10 to your monthly bill. In larger market areas (such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, NYC and Miami), Sling TV will also grant access to local NBC, ABC and Fox affiliate channels for no extra charge.

We liked the way the menus were organized and found them easy to navigate. The service also does a good job of recommending stuff to watch based on your history. We had a little trouble with the service freezing occasionally and felt the 50 hours of DVR allowance could be more generous, but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to cable and don't want to pay for channels you don't need, Sling is a good way to go.

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