Snapchat adds real-time location sharing to its map

The app has been trying to boost safety features.


Snapchat is adding a new location-sharing feature as it looks to build up its safety features. The app is introducing live location sharing, which allows users to share their exact whereabouts with select friends for short periods of time.

The Snap Map has had location sharing for years, but the current version of the feature only updates the location when the Snapchat app is opened. The new “live location” will allow select friends to see exactly where you are in real-time for a set period of time, much like Apple’s “Find My” app. Location details can be shared for 15 minutes, one hour or eight hours at a time.

Snap says the optional feature could make it easier to meet up with friends, or help people “stay safe” in situations when they may want the extra reassurance of knowing a friend or family member can see where they are. The company notes users will need to be friends, and mutually opt into the live location sharing in order to use it.

The update comes as Snap has tried to build up its safety features in recent months. The company recently announced it would limit friend recommendations for teens in an effort to deal with drug dealers targeting teenage users. The app is also expected to launch new parental control features later this year.