Snapchat pauses ads in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

It's also halting ad sales in Russia and Belarus.

alexsl via Getty Images

The Snapchat app will no longer show ads in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In addition, Snap has halted all ad sales in Russia and Belarus following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the company has announced in a blog post. It said that it will continue offering the multimedia app in those countries, as it remains an important tool of communication, but that it will comply "with all sanctions targeting Russian businesses and individuals." It also emphasized that it has no physical offices in Russia and that it does not accept revenue from Russian state-owned entities.

By implementing those ad bans, Snap has joined the growing list of tech companies that had also taken steps to limit ad availability in those regions. Twitter paused ads and recommendations in Ukraine and Russia "to ensure critical public safety information is elevated and ads don't detract from it." Both Facebook and Microsoft blocked state media outlets from using their advertising platforms, while Google-owned YouTube barred state-owned RT and other Russian channels from being able to generate ad revenue.

As the company said in its post, it has never allowed RT and other state-owned outlets to publish on Snapchat's Discover page, so it doesn't have to carry out additional measures to block them from the app's equivalent of a news feed. Still, the company said it's "vigilantly monitoring" its platform "for any evidence of disinformation or misuse."