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Solo Stove has up to 45 percent off site-wide for Memorial Day

You’ll also get a free tabletop pit with the purchase of any fire-pit bundle.

Solo Stove

Solo Stove is offering up to 45 percent off its popular low-smoke fire pits. Additionally, you’ll get a free Mesa tabletop unit — a $120 value — by purchasing any fire pit or bundle when you use the code FREEMESA at checkout. The deals last from today until June 4th, covering you for your Memorial Day planning and beyond.

Solo Stove takes up to 45 percent off site-wide during this Memorial Day sale.
$270 at Solo Stove

Solo Stove’s fire pits tend to be top-notch (they’re a favorite of Engadget buyers’ guides), but you typically pay for that quality. So sales like this are the best time to pick one up. Popular options include the 15-inch Ranger Essential Bundle, the 19-inch Bonfire Essential Bundle and the 27-inch Yukon Essential Bundle.

Solo Stove pits are known for their efficient wood-burning and minimal smoke output. That’s thanks to the company’s 360° Signature Airflow Technology, which uses convection heating while producing much less smoke than a standard fire pit. Although the oft-used description of “smokeless” isn’t entirely accurate, Solo Stove’s smoke output is barely perceptible once your fire gets going — and it gets as close to smokeless as any product out there. Additionally, the company’s new 2.0 line includes a removable base plate and ash pan that make cleanup much less of a chore than older models.

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