Sonos' updated Play:5 is now just called 'Five'

Both the Sonos Sub and Five have fresh internals.
Nathan Ingraham
N. Ingraham|05.06.20

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Sonos' updated Play:5 is now just called 'Five'

To go along with its brand-new Arc soundbar, Sonos is making a few internal updates to some existing products. Most relevant to anyone considering the Arc is probably the 3rd-generation Sonos Sub. Sonos has offered a wireless sub for years, and this update doesn’t change the equation much. In fact, the new Sub looks identical to its predecessor, but it got a major internal update. Sonos says that it has increased memory and processing power as well as a new wireless radio. 

The Sonos Play:5 is receiving a nearly identical update. Now simply called the Sonos Five, the company’s best music-focused speaker also had its internals upgraded so it’ll have a longer life of receiving future software updates. Sonos did make one physical change here, though — the white model has a matching white grille, instead of the black one it had previously. 

Sonos Sub

The price for both the Sub and Five are unchanged: $699 and $499, respectively. In a lot of ways, these quiet updates are similar to the Sonos One update from last year. The speaker was identical to the original, but more modern internals made it a bit more future-proof. We’re seeing the same here with the Sub and Five — from an audio perspective, they weren’t really in need of upgrades, so they didn’t need full replacements. But they’re a lot easier to recommend now than they were yesterday since they’ll both last longer before being cast into the graveyard of internet-connected products that stopped getting updates.

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