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Sonos early Black Friday deals discount home theater sets by 20 percent

Pick up bundles that include soundbars and subwoofers for hundreds of dollars off.


Home theater sets are up to 20 percent off right now as part of Sonos’ early Black Friday deals. The sale, which starts today and runs through October 29, includes a bunch of sounder and subwoofer sets including the Ray + Sub Mini. Regularly priced at $708, that set is available for $566 right now. It could make a great holiday gift for someone living in an apartment or smaller space who wants to up their living room’s sound experience. If you or your gifted have a bit more space, you can get the same set but with the Beam soundbar instead of the Ray for $742.

The set which includes the Ray soundbar and Sub Mini is $143 cheaper this weekend.

$566 at Sonos

The Ray soundbar, which secured a spot on Engadget’s list of best soundbars, is compact but equipped with four class-D digital amplifiers. The device has a “solid stereo presence” for its size, and can pair with other Sonos speakers to improve bass performance. We gave it a score of 82 in our review thanks to its solid sound quality for both music and TV audio and easy setup process. As mentioned above, it’s arguably best for those living in smaller spaces; anyone with a big living room will want to step things up to a larger soundbar.

The Sub Mini, which pairs with the Ray, connects to Wi-Fi with any 5GHz broadcast-capable router and can reach down to 25Hz. The device received praise in our review for its “excellent bass” considering its size and for how easily it can connect with Sonos' wired speakers. This deal might be one worth checking if you're on the hunt for a practical sub and soundbar, but as we mentioned before, the Ray + Sub Mini is just one of many entertainment sets on sale right now. The most expensive top-line set, the Ultimate Immersive Set with Arc, which normally is listed for $2,596 is available for $2,211.

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