Sonos offers a $69 replacement battery kit for its portable Move speaker

The kit has everything you need to power the Move up.


The Sonos Move is the company’s first (and so far only) speaker with a battery. Obviously, batteries eventually die — Sonos knew this and offered a way for Move owners to get their battery replaced. But the company is making it a lot easier today with the new Move battery replacement kit. As the name suggests, this $69 kit includes a fresh battery in either white or black as well as replacement screws and the tools you’ll need. And while you’re waiting for the battery to arrive you’ll at leas be able to use the Move when it’s sitting on its charging dock.

Sonos says the Move battery is rated to last for about three years or 900 charges, so chances are good few, if any owners will need this kit yet. Regardless, anything that makes it easier for owners to change the battery in their speaker is a smart move. If you don’t remember the $399 Move, it’s the first portable Sonos speaker — it connects to your WiFi network and works as part of a multi-room setup with any other Sonos products you have, but it can also run on its battery for about 11 hours and has Bluetooth for when you’re away from a WiFi network. It’s an expensive but versatile speaker, and having a way to change the battery without having to ship the speaker is a solid improvement.

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