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The portable Sonos Roam speaker is now available in three new colors

Coordinate with your spring ensemble.

Once in a blue moon, Sonos releases its speakers in some fun colors or finishes, but most of the time, people just have to pick between black and white. But starting today, you can get the portable Sonos Roam in three new shades; Wave, Sunset and Olive. As you might guess, Wave is a chill shade of light blue, Sunset straddles the line between orange and pink and olive is a cactus sort of green.

Aside from these colors, there's nothing else new with the $179 speaker — it has a built-in battery for about 10 hours of play time, Bluetooth for when you're away from WiFi, a microphone for voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant and auto Trueplay technology to tune the speaker for optimal sound wherever you place it. I really liked the speaker when I reviewed it last year, and even though it costs $10 more than it did when it launched, I still think it's a great portable speaker that is a smart addition if you're already using other Sonos products.

There will be one new features for the Roam on June 1st, though. The speaker is one of many in the Sonos portfolio that'll work with the just-announced Sonos Voice Command platform. It's the company's own voice assistant that's specifically focused on controlling your speakers with speed and privacy top of mind. You can read more about that here, and you can order the Roam in these new colors today at the Sonos website.