Sony keynote at CES 2023 in under 9 minutes

Sony unveiled many things at their CES 2023 keynote, including new movies, new ways to enjoy video games, and much more.


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Video Transcript


KENICHIRO YOSHIDA: Happy 2033. Thank you for being here. I'm here today to share with you how Sony is moving people forward. Our corporate direction is getting closer to people, including creators and users. Yesterday, Sony's first nanosatellite launched.


A Japanese astronaut once told me that when you look at the Earth from space, you can see how thin the atmosphere is. And from space, there are no borders. Star Sphere provides an opportunity to learn more about our planet. This is made possible by Sony's technologies. CMOS image sensors not only change the way we see the world. But they help to unlock the potential of film and television productions to create kando.

The digital stem camera VENICE, created with and for cinematographers. It was used to capture the spectacular visuals in blockbusters like "Top Gun 2, Maverick". Sony's FR7 Cinema camera opens creative possibilities in studio life production and filmmaking settings with its versatile remote control. We acquired Pixomondo in October last year, giving us the ability to deliver an end to end virtual production solution.

We are also working with Epic Games where Unreal engine powers real time rendering of virtual production. In our film division, we continue to bring to life fascinating stories. We also continue to explore the potential of our best loved video game IPs as they move from the PlayStation platform to the screen. "The Last of Us" premieres Sunday, January 15th on HBO and HBO Max. "Twisted Metal" and "God to War" are being adapted for television as well.

Now a drive to talk about racing games that created a generation of driving enthusiasts.


- Sony Pictures Entertainment as more than 10 projects in development. And now we've got an incredible action adventure based on "Gran Turismo."

- We're excited about what's in store for "Gran Turismo" which is hitting theaters this summer.

- But what's interesting is this is not a typical game to film adaptation.

- It's a film that takes the high stakes, the adrenaline filled racing simulation game, and combines it with the ultimate wish fulfillment tale of how a teenage "Gran Turismo" player went from a gamer and becoming a real life professional race car driver. And it's a story that revolutionized the racing world.

- Sony technologies really we're very supportive of the film in terms of providing technology.

- So the Sony VENICE 2 camera has a detachable sensor which is-- it's called the Rialto. And we used the Rialtos all over the inside of the cars, in the cockpits, in spaces that typically you could never get an IMAX resolution sensor into those kinds of spaces. And then for exterior photography, you can get into places and position them because they're so light in places that we could actually simulate the "Gran Turismo" angles.

- The world is going to get to see the film when it releases worldwide on August 11th. But today, we're going to debut a little sneak peek.

- So we want to broaden how audiences experience a live event by making immersive experiences possible even if you are not physically present. So recently, we talked to creators about how they envision the evolution of entertainment experiences in the virtual world.

JADE RAYMOND: When you create a game you are creating a whole universe. Especially for Haven, we get to create a brand new franchise. So we're reimagining everything.

LIL NAS X: What's cool about performances in the virtual world is that fans can actually come on stage with me and run around and interact in a way that they can't do in real life.

NURIA TARRE: One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration between Sony and Manchester City is that it's at the intersection of sports, technology, and entertainment.

NAMI IWAMOTO: We want the fans who cannot join the stadium to experience the atmosphere and to share the excitement and enthusiasm of the match with fans around the world.

JIM RYAN: Next month, PlayStation VR2 launches a new generation of virtual reality experiences. More than 30 games are currently on track for the launch window, including much loved franchises with "Horizon, Call of the Mountain", "No Man's Sky", and "Resident Evil, Village".

"Gran Turismo," a game which has sold more copies across the series than any other title developed by PlayStation studios-- through a free upgrade PSP R2 players will be able to experience the game like never before. The award winning and best selling VR rhythm game is coming to PlayStation VR2. It's our mission to make those experiences accessible to all gamers regardless of their physical abilities.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce our next step in the journey to make gaming more accessible-- Project Leonardo, our code name for a new PS5 accessibility controller kit that will allow players with disabilities to play more easily, more comfortably for longer periods.

- Allow me to present you our new brand Afeela. This is a prototype. And our new brand Afeela. Afeela represents our concept of an interactive relationship where people feel the sensation of intelligent mobility and where mobility can detect and understand the people and society by utilizing sensing and AI technologies.

We have a lot to share with you tonight. We can make augmented time and space for mobility experience with one of our key partners, Epic Games.

- At Epic, we make games like "Fortnite". And at the heart of that is the Unreal Engine which is used to build all sorts of entertainment and industrial applications. At Epic, we're really passionate about cars and the automotive industry. And we couldn't be happier to see Sony and Sony Honda Mobility enter this innovative world of interactive automotive technology. Given Sony's experience and expertise in entertaining and delighting people across the planet, we know they'll come up with some incredible ways to capture the imagination.

- We will proceed as a mobility tech company to create mobility experiences that move people.

KENICHIRO YOSHIDA: Our common partner who has supported us in achieving key milestones on our mobility roadmap is Qualcomm.

- We are on a mission to really make everyone and everything connected and intelligent. We have been changing the company and is scaling our technology roadmap that has started in mobile to basically make every single device connected, having high performance computing, intelligent. The car is one of the greatest exemple of this transformation of technology. A software defined vehicle that is 100% connected.

It is intelligent. That's why we set ourselves to create this platform, the Snapdragon digital chassis, which represents our ability to drive those new experiences for the future of mobility.

KENICHIRO YOSHIDA: Thank you for being with us today. Enjoy CES.