Sony's next wireless earbuds may offer 'automatic playback'

They might even join the LinkBuds line.

@_snoopytech_ (Twitter)

If you thought Sony's LinkBuds let in too much of the outside world, don't worry — there may be a follow-up that helps you tune things out. As The Walkman Blog notes, established leak poster SnoopyTech recently shared purported images of WF-LSN900 wireless earbuds, possibly called the LinkBuds S. Unlike the open LinkBuds, this model would let you "seamlessly shift" from allowing ambient sounds to enabling "advanced" noise cancellation. You would also have "automatic playback" based on your habits, although it's not clear what that would entail — Sony already has some location-based audio settings.

The design appears to be a blend of the WF-1000XM4 and WF-C500, and would include an XM4-style proximity sensor as well as an outer mesh that might be used for noise cancellation features. The buds would be available in black, gold and white colors, and you could expect the obligatory charging case.

It's not certain when Sony might ship these earbuds, or how much they would cost. We also wouldn't count on the LinkBuds S naming scheme given the different design. You might not have to wait long to learn the truth, at least. Some FCC confidentiality for the WF-LSN900 is poised to expire on June 21st, suggesting Sony will formally unveil the earbuds by that date.