Sony's $90 PS5 accessibility controller arrives on December 6th

The highly customizable Access controller comes with several buttons and stick caps.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony has revealed when PlayStation 5 players will be able to snap up its new accessibility-focused controller and just how much the peripheral will cost. The Access controller will be available worldwide on December 6th. It costs $90 and preorders will open on July 21st. Folks in Canada will need to pay $120 CAD for the peripheral. It costs £80 in the UK, €90 in Europe and 12,980 yen in Japan.

The highly customizable controller comes with four 3.5mm aux ports, enabling players to connect external buttons, switches and other accessories. The box includes 19 button caps and three stick caps to help users find a configuration that works best for them. For instance, they might prefer a button cap that takes up two button sockets or a dome-shaped stick cap instead of the standard one. In addition, Sony is including 23 swappable button cap tags to help players identify which input they map to each button.

Players can set up as many as 30 profiles for the Access controller with different button mappings and stick settings for each. There's the option to disable certain buttons to prevent accidental pressing and users will be able to toggle commands on or off.

As Sony previously revealed, folks can pair up to two Access controllers and one DualSense together to create a "single virtual controller." That means two or even three people could control the same character, granting friends and family members the option to lend a helping hand when needed.

Isabelle Tomatis, Sony Interactive Entertainment's Brand, Hardware and Peripherals vice-president, wrote in a blog post that the company has been working on the controller for five years with the help of accessibility organizations and experts. The aim was to develop a kit that "enables gamers with disabilities to play more comfortably and for longer periods, empowering more players to share in the joy of gaming."