Sony's next PlayStation Showcase will take place on May 24th

Expect over an hour of updates, primarily on PS5 and PS VR2 games.


Sony is set to kick off a busy spell of gaming events as it will host a PlayStation Showcase next week. You'll be able to watch the stream at 4PM ET on May 24th on YouTube and Twitch. The company says the showcase will run for just over an hour and it will focus on PS5 and PS VR2 games. Expect to see first-party titles as well as games from third-party partners and indie studios.

As for the specific games Sony plans to spotlight, it's a pretty safe bet that we'll get more details on Marvel's Spider-Man 2, the biggest PlayStation Studios game that's currently on the docket for the rest of this year. It's scheduled to arrive this fall, but perhaps Sony will reveal a firm release date next week. (Sidenote: check out the prequel comic if you haven't done so. It's a good read.)

We may also learn more about the standalone The Last of Us multiplayer game, while rumors have been swirling for a while that the showcase will include Mortal Kombat and Metal Gear Solid announcements. In any case, the showcase is likely to be a bigger deal than a typical State of Play stream. With over an hour to fill, here's hoping for a lot of exciting news on the PS5 and PS VR2 fronts.