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Sony's PSVR 2 gets its first discount during October Prime Day

It's marked down about $40 right now.

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

There's always something so exciting about the first time a big device goes on sale. In this case, Sony's PlayStation VR2 has its first deal, dropping from $549 to $509.15 — a seven percent discount — right in the middle of October Prime Day. Sure, spending over $500 for a headset when the PlayStation 5 is $499 feels like a lot, but you can put the nearly $40 saved toward an extra game or two.

It's currently seven percent off. 

$509 at Amazon

Sony released the PS VR2 in early 2023, and it got an 84 in our review despite being priced a bit higher than we'd like. For starters, it's a lot sleeker looking than its predecessor and is very comfortable to wear (it uses the same plastic as the PS5's exterior shell and DualSense controllers). The PS VR2 also has eye tracking, and was the first time we saw haptics for your head. The device is solid, with great OLED displays and well-made Sense controllers.

The world might not be as enthralled with VR headsets as it was a few years ago, but there are still a range of new options on the market. With its current sale, the PS VR2 is close to the same price as Meta's Quest 3 but is still far below the $3,499 necessary to buy Apple's Vision Pro. The Quest 3 and Vision Pro are both mixed reality devices, but the PS VR2 is a good option if you only want virtual reality tailored for a console.

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