The Soundboks Go offers loudspeaker sound in a more portable package

It's half the size of its sibling and boasts up to 40 hours of mid-volume listening.

Someone in workout clothes carries a Soundboks Go Bluetooth speaker into a basketball court. (Soundboks)

When Soundboks released its Gen 3 portable loudspeaker, I was happy it wasn’t any larger than its predecessors. It was on the edge of being truly portable as it was. Now, the company aims to deliver the same signature output capability in a new, smaller package. The Soundboks Go ($699) is about half the size of the Gen 3, resembling more of a chubby briefcase than an end table, and it continues to offer the incredible battery life and connectivity that have become synonymous with the brand. As a bonus, the company is also launching Direkt, an in-app platform that will offer live stream sets from DJs and artists across the globe to Soundboks users.

The Soundboks Go measures 18 x 12 x 10-inches and weighs about 20 pounds. There’s a convenient carry handle on top, but you can also opt for the $59 shoulder strap accessory. The speaker is composed of one 10-inch woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter enclosed in an ABS and polycarbonate cabinet and protective grill. Inside, the system relies on two 72W class D amplifiers to drive the audio output and its effective frequency range of 40Hz - 20kHz. Where the Gen 3 had generous input (and output) possibilities, the Go has slimmed the options down to a single 3.5mm aux input.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity will likely be the primary audio source for most casual users and just like the previous model, the Soundboks Go will support TeamUp using SKAA wireless technology to communicate with up to three other nearby Soundboks Gen 3 or Go speakers.

Soundboks Gen 3 and Soundboks Go
The Soundboks Gen 3 and Soundboks Go.

The speaker is built for the outdoors with a rugged silicone rubber bumper around the edges and an IP65 rating – dust-tight and resistant to powerful jets of water but not meant to be submerged.

Battery life appears to be stellar with up to 40 hours at medium and around 10 hours at full blast (in Power mode), with 3.5-hours to fully recharge. Like previous models, the battery is removable and swappable if you bring a backup. Plus, you can continuously charge while playing if you have an outlet handy.

The Soundboks app offers a custom EQ, as well as preset sound profiles for extra bass, power and indoor listening. Starting in April, iOS users will get to enjoy the new Direkt live streaming platform as part of the app experience. Every Friday and Saturday night you’ll be able to access live sets from clubs and studios in Copenhagen, Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and more. The streams will be available for 24 hours so users across the globe can all enjoy them.

Pre-orders for the new Soundboks Go ($699) start today and the expected release date is April 26th.

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