Walmart knocks $100 off the Arlo Video Doorbell, plus five more early Black Friday deals

The two-day sale also slashes $200 off the Samsung Galaxy A51 smartphone.

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As you tick friends and family off the holiday gift list, your budget likely needs some relief. Which is why Walmart is offering some of the deepest discounts they’ve had all year. We’ve teamed up with the retailer to bring you the best of the best.

These are extraordinary times with unprecedented challenges. To make the end of a chaotic year a little smoother, we’ve teamed up with Walmart to bring you sneak peeks at great deals. You’ll get a steady stream of discounts on everything from tablets and toys to mini fridges and old-school stereos.

In the meantime, cash in on the savings: Most major retailers are dropping their Black Friday deals earlier than ever before, to encourage online shopping so consumers can avoid crowded lines in stores and bypass inevitable shipping delays.

Below you’ll find six gadgets—from a two-pack of smart doorbells for $100 off to a tablet for less than $30 (seriously), you’ll be tempted to treat yourself (go on, you deserve it). Some items are for fun, some as useful as they are ingenious, and all worthy of further scrutiny. These deals are good for 48 hours so scroll down, have fun shopping and watch your list get shorter.

Arlo Essential 2 Pack with Video Doorbell

Arlo Essential 2 Pack with Video Doorbell

This three-piece Arlo bundle is all you need to monitor household sights, sounds, and even movement. The Video Doorbell delivers HD with HDR images whether the light is bright or low, and its 180-degree viewing angle lets you check out a wannabe intruder from head to toe or even a package on the front stoop. You can address the unwanted visitor (or, you know, the nice FedEx guy) with clear, 2-way audio and receive real-time notifications of deliveries, guests, vehicles, et al. Three months of free Arlo monitoring comes with the price of admission—which is $100 off right now.

The two Essential Cameras bundled-up in this deal are wireless and ultra-portable; charge them via micro-USB, place them in the begonia pot or on a windowsill and its 130-degree viewing angle will see all, recording any activity in highly legible 1080p. Wall-mount and screw kits included, should you want a more permanent location. Big Brother Arlo is watching—but he’s on your side.

Shop it: Arlo Essential 2 Pack with Video Doorbell, $249 (was $349),

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy A51, 128GB Prism Crush Black – Prepaid Smartphone

Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy A51, 128GB Prism Crush Black – Prepaid Smartphone

More is more when it comes to Samsung’s Galaxy A51 smartphone—meaning increased storage, for one thing: 128 GB comes standard; then there’s the bigger, slim-bezeled screen size, and an impressive battery life that outlasts the iPhone SE by 20 minutes. More also means more cameras—four at last count, including a great 12-megapixel wide-angle lens that freshens up the usual boxy framing of a smartphone. The A51 is lightweight at just over 6 ounces, charges rapidly at 15W and is powered by a workhorse Exynos 9611 (Octa-core) processor. Get nationwide coverage on the nation’s biggest networks—compatible with talk, text and data plans from Straight Talk.

Shop it: Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy A51, 128GB Prism Crush Black – Prepaid Smartphone, $199 (was $399),

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Lavender Bundle

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Lavender Bundle.

What happens when cute meets functional—and both bump into great pricing? Gift magic. Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 7s film camera produces instant paper prints no bigger than a business card—shades of Polaroid past. Quaint, retro, and charming for tweens, teens, and the nostalgic. Exactly what a gift should be.

Four settings adjust for exposure—indoor, cloudy, sunny, and supernova— and autofocus makes this a point-and-shoot affair perfect for journeymen or kids. The camera activates when you pull out the lens, and the flash goes off with every snap of the shutter. Runs on two AA-size alkaline batteries, good for 100 shots (10 Instax Mini film packs). In addition to the camera, the bundle includes a film pack, a camera case, a mini photo album, stickers, and more. This has ‘favorite gift’ written all over it.

Shop it: Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Lavender Bundle, $49,

Klipsch The One II With Phono

Klipsch The One II With Phono.

Klipsch has earned its venerable designation as much as any legacy hi-fi audio company, and continues to burnish said rep with this beautifully designed, wireless tabletop stereo-speaker unit. Get retro, mid-century vibes thanks to the throwback wood veneer and actual knobs and switches.

A built-in phono preamp lets you plug in the record player and bump a little vinyl. But it’s not all old-school—wirelessly stream Internet radio or phone/tablet-stored content via Bluetooth 4.0, and expect it all to sound richly imagistic and clear, as is the Klipsch standard. Klipsch was a gifted mad scientist with ballistics as well as acoustic patents, a true pioneer in the field. At 101 bucks off, there’s plenty of value here, and style to boot.

Shop it:  Klipsch The One II With Phono, $148 (was $249),

Onn 7” tablet

Onn 7-inch tablet.

Yes, you could easily spend three times as much for a 7-inch tablet, but why endure budgetary agony when Walmart’s in-house Onn-branded version may indeed check all the boxes? If what you need is a great gift for a kid—or a worthy alternative to Kindle for grownups—this is a great option.

Down to just $28, from $50, this tablet offers a cut-crystal-sharp display. Two gigs of RAM pair with 16 GB of storage inside, and a 1024 x 600 resolution screen resides on the surface. Add to that a couple of front- and rear-facing cams and Android’s 10 Go Edition operating system, and your recipient will be streaming content like the mighty Mississippi for 4.5 hours without the need for charging.

Shop it: Onn 7” tablet, $28 (was $50),

Frigidaire Portable Retro Extra Large 9-Can Mini Fridge

Frigidaire Portable Retro Extra Large 9-Can Mini Fridge.

In the same vein as the little lavender instant camera, comes this aww-inspiring pink mini-fridge from good old Frigidaire. Just right for the college kid who’s a) spending way more time in a dorm room because of the pandemic or b) spending way too much time in her or his childhood bedroom, back home with the folks because of same. Ten inches tall and about 12 inches deep, this little guy holds nine cans (or hummus, yogurt, cooling face masks, whatever) and can be plugged into a standard home outlet. It also works for “evenings out” as a cooler—it can be plugged into a car charger. Well worth $24 for its impressive presence and practicality. Deemed “super-cute” by a happy target-demo reviewer. Also in red, turquoise, or black.

Shop it: Frigidaire Portable Retro Extra Large 9-Can Mini Fridge, $24,

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