Spotify's blended playlists now work with up to 10 people and artists

You can compare your musical taste with musicians like Diplo, Mimi Webb and more.


Last Summer, Spotify introduced Blend, a fun feature that allows you and a friend to compare your musical tastes. After inviting another Spotify user to take part, the platform generates a shared playlist that pulls songs from both your libraries. It also provides a match score and updates the playlist daily, allowing you to see how your tastes change over time.

One limitation of the feature was that you could only create a Blend playlist with a single friend or family member at a time. That’s now changing. Starting today, you can create a Blend playlist with up to 10 people, with Spotify taking into consideration all your disparate music tastes at the same time. Additionally, you can now also create Blend playlists with select artists, including BTS, Diplo, Mimi Webb and others. In that case, it's partly a showcase of the artist's latest music, but it's still fun to see where you overlap.

As with Blend playlists you create with your friends, Spotify will generate a story you can share on Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms to show off how close you are two are on your favorite tunes. If you haven’t made a Blend playlist yet, you do so by typing "Blend" within the "Search" tab and then inviting the people you want to take part.