Spotify will reportedly integrate live audio into its main app

The change could happen as soon as later this year.


In addition to music and podcasts, Spotify may soon offer live audio within its primary streaming app. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to integrate Greenroom into its mainline app. In the process, Spotify will reportedly also rename the platform to Spotify Live. All of this could happen before the second half of the year, according to Bloomberg.

The outlet was tipped off on the impending move by iOS developer Steve Moser, who found evidence of it in the beta version of Spotify’s iPhone app. As for the ultimate fate of Greenroom, in a separate tweet, Bloomberg reporter Ashley Carman said the app would live on as a kind of backend for creators to record and upload their content to Spotify.

We’ve reached out to Spotify for comment.

Speaking to Spotify’s potential motivations behind the plan, Bloomberg suggests Greenroom has “struggled to take off.” By integrating live audio into its very popular streaming app, the company would be elevating the format to a place where it would be more accessible – even if some users would complain about the app becoming even more crowded.

In a way, it’s strange the company may only now be considering integrating the two together. When Spotify first announced its plans for Greenroom, CEO Daniel Ek said he saw live audio as something that every platform would eventually feature. "Just like Stories with video where every major platform has them as one way for its audience to communicate with each other, I see live audio similarly," he said at the time. "I expect all the platforms to have it."